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Joint ticket: visit the Cathedral and Artium for just 4 euros

30/05/2002 The two cultural centres have signed a collaboration agreement to help increase their tourist appeal.

30/05/2002 The Alava ARTIUM Foundation and the Santa María Cathedral Foundation are to work together to help increase their cultural and tourist appeal and promote their projects at a national and international level. This is one of the principal objectives of the framework agreement signed by both institutions. The agreement aims to create a channel of communication and co-operation which will enable the two institutions to join forces and work together in order to disseminate and promote their respective projects among the general public.

The Alava ARTIUM or Basque Contemporary Art Centre and Museum and the Old Cathedral are two very different but nevertheless complementary cultural centres. Their strategic location at the cultural heart of the Medieval Quarter has helped place Vitoria-Gasteiz and the province of Alava as a whole at the forefront of Culture and Tourism, on a par with some of the most important cities in Europe.

The expectations aroused by both projects, which were more than justified in the first few weeks following their official opening with visitor numbers far exceeding forecasts, have helped reinforce their reputation as examples of high-quality cultural tourism. The new museum, which houses one of the best contemporary art collections in Spain, and the old gothic cathedral, in which visitors are treated to a live glimpse of the archaeological and restoration work currently being carried out, are both, in themselves, extremely interesting and highly-acclaimed attractions.

The agreement establishes the groundwork for enabling the two institutions to respond to the growing national and international interest with specific proposals. A mixed commission made up of the directors of the Alava ARTIUM Foundation and the Santa María Cathedral Foundation, Javier González de Durana and Gonzalo Arroita (respectively) has been set up in order to establish and define the joint projects to be carried out.

The agreement aims to create a synergic effect and take optimum advantage of the unique and remarkable nature of the two cultural projects. Their success in diverse areas, including the cultural, artistic, town planning, tourist and economic fields make a joint effort even more desirable. What is more, active visitor participation is a fundamental part of their basic working philosophy, and a number of future projects focus on improving and developing this trait even further.

A discount of 20% on the joint entry ticket
This is one of the first steps taken in order to try and increase the flow of visitors between the Alava ARTIUM and the Old Cathedral. From 1 June, anyone visiting both centres can gain a substantial discount off the entry fee by buying a joint ticket. The price of the joint ticket is 20% lower than the sum of two individual tickets. For just 4 euros, visitors can now gain entrance to both centres, regardless of which one they visit first, as opposed to the 5 euros they would have to pay if they bought individual tickets for both visits.

Those who start their visit in the Alava ARTIUM will pay 3 euros for an ordinary ticket which gives them the right to visit Santa María Cathedral (providing they have booked) for the special price of just 1 euro. Visitors who go first to the Old Cathedral will pay 2 euros for their ordinary ticket, which in turn enables them to visit ARTIUM for a further 2 euros. Joint tickets must be used within one week of each other and visitors will need to present their first ticket at the entrance to the second centre in order to take advantage of the special offer. The discount does not apply to those who already enjoy special advantages as foundation members, retired citizens or school groups.

Similarly, reciprocal economic advantages have also been established for those involved in both cultural projects. These benefits apply to gift items, publications and catalogues, etc., as well as a 50% discount off entrance tickets. The aim of such initiatives is to widen the range of services and advantages offered by both cultural centres and to foster social ties with the respective projects and that which they represent.