Explore the cathedral

To enter Santa María Cathedral is to embark on a unique experience. Here you can visit a building more than 800 years old that reveals the history and origins of the village of Gasteiz, where a small fortress church emerged that became a cathedral with the passage of time.

The perspective of the fully accessible guided visit is very different from the usual tour of a historical site. This is because to follows the order that the researchers established for the restoration process. This process began in the year 2000 and the fact that it is still in progress has not deterred more than 1.5 million people wearing helmets from exploring a unique perspective surrounded by scaffolding and trenches.

The visit accesses the Cathedral through the foundations and ascends to the bell tower. You will visit the crypts (now museumised), the nave, the parapet walk and the triforium and, paradoxically, conclude at the entrance in a wonderful portico that was once polychromed.

The 2023 program of guided visits to the cathedral has the collaboration of the MINISTRY OF CULTURA AND SPORT

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