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The Foundation publishes a magazine about the restoration

05/06/2002 News from the Triforium, whose first edition ran to 50,000 copies, is yet another step forward in the task of dissemination.

05/06/2002 The Santa María Cathedral Foundation has made important progress in its efforts to promote its restoration project thanks to a publication entitled NEWS FROM THE TRIFORIUM. This magazine, which is published once every four months, contains information about new developments and issues related to the restoration of the Old Cathedral. The Basque Country´s most emblematic gothic building is now a focal point for quality tourism in Alava and NEWS FROM THE TRIFORIUM is, in this sense, an ideal platform from which to tell both the local people and the thousands of visitors that come to discover the building´s many secrets every year all about the excellent restoration work that is currently being carried out.

The Foundation is already making an enormous effort to promote general awareness of its activities through its highly successful Programme of Guided Tours, attendance at cultural heritage and tourism fairs and events and the organisation of conferences, workshops on traditional crafts, seminars and exhibitions. It has also recently posted its own website at ´To all these achievements we must now add this magazine, which aims to be a focal point for communication with the general public,´ explains Gonzalo Arroita, managing director of Santa María Cathedral Foundation. As part of its project to promote the many different aspects of the project across a broad social spectrum and to increase the number of people who actively collaborate with the restoration initiative, the Foundation has decided to distribute the new magazine as widely as possible.

50,000 copies were published of the first edition of NEWS FROM THE TRIFORIUM, making it one of the most-widely distributed magazines published in Alava. The Foundation gave a copy to each member of the Circle of Founders and to each visitor participating in the Third Programme of Guided Tours. Furthermore, the publication has also been distributed to the principal cultural and tourist centres in the city, local region and Basque Country as a whole. The magazine is free and includes information in both Spanish and Basque. The first issue contains 20 full-colour pages presenting a global outline of the restoration project and its many different aspects, from the recovery of the building materials to the increase of its cultural value through a wide range of different activities.

Nowadays, the Old Cathedral is a enclave bursting with History, Architecture, Archaeology, Art and Culture, made even more fascinating by the fact that its contents change as the research and restoration work progresses. The Santa María Cathedral Foundation, which publishes the magazine, aims to promote general awareness of the work being carried out through an attractive, reader-friendly presentation. ´The objective is to attract the reader´s attention and then explain the secrets and knowledge buried in the old gothic cathedral in a way that is both clear and interesting,´ adds Arroita.

The first issue of NEWS FROM THE TRIFORIUM is dedicated to explaining the philosophy underpinning the restoration project. The aim is to raise public awareness of the importance of the restoration work and the effect it will have on the area as a whole. The magazine aims to do this through a series of three features. The first is a brief historical overview of the Old Cathedral from its beginnings up until the present day, which will serve as an introduction for the more detailed analyses of each individual constructive era that will appear in subsequent issues. Three old photographs of great sentimental and historical value serve to draw the reader´s attention to the church´s fascinating past.

The second feature gives a brief outline of the project as a whole. In the case of the Old Cathedral, restoration involves a lot more than simple architectural renovation. Rather, it is a comprehensive plan with many different facets encompassing a wide range of fields including culture, tourism, education, economy and the urban renewal of the surrounding area. The feature analyses the main achievements of the last few years, including the compilation of the Master Plan and the management and promotion activities carried out by the Santa María Cathedral Foundation.

The third feature explains the key points of and new attractions offered by the Third Programme of Guided Tours around the Restoration Works, placing special emphasis on the new walkway. The article describes the construction process and the objectives fulfilled by this structure as regards providing support for the columns and a view of the archaeological excavations. The text is accompanied by eight large photographs which trace the different stages of its construction.

The magazine also has a number of other sections, one of the largest being that dedicated to the website and virtual tours. A large map gives readers a general idea of the numerous possibilities on offer at and there is also a brief explanation of each of the sections. The article also tells readers what they have to do in order to go on a virtual tour of the cathedral, as well as describing the system´s technical characteristics and the novelties it offers with regard to the real tour.

NEWS FROM THE TRIFORIUM also includes two sections with brief news items about the project and its cultural, tourist and educational aspects. It also explains the philosophy and objectives of the Circle of Founders and includes a membership form. For those interested in contacting the Santa María Cathedral Foundation, there is also a section entitled letters to the director. In addition to these, more sections are planned for subsequent issues of the magazine.