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Photos of the restoration work in Leon, Seville and Santiago

10/10/2002 The exhibition begins its journey around the county´s major cities, displaying the restoration work being carried out on the Cathedral.

10/10/2002 The restoration of Vitoria-Gasteiz´s Santa María Cathedral, seen through the eyes of prestigious photographers - this is the attraction of the exhibition that will be displayed until the end of the year in a select number of Spanish cities with a strong cathedral tradition. León, Seville and Santiago de Compostela will all play host to the exhibition compiled by the Galician artist Vari Caramés. This unique collection of photographs offers an alternative and unique vision of the restoration work being carried out on the Basque Country´s most emblematic gothic cathedral. The exhibition, organised by the Santa María Cathedral Foundation, forms part of the cultural activities linked to the restoration of this priceless historic and artistic monument.

The collection of photographs travelled first to León Cathedral. The exhibition opened on 28 September and during the first week received a total of almost 30,000 visitors. In the Cathedral comprises 33 photographs, 15 in black and white and 18 in colour, in which Caramés offers his own individual view of the Old Cathedral. The photographs focus on a range of different aspects of this fascinating building which in a very short period of time has become a symbol for the recovery of Cultural Heritage.

The Santa María Cathedral Foundation launched this new cultural initiative last year as part of its attempt to establish a comprehensive project encompassing all areas of the restoration work. The aim is to compile a collection of photographs which offer different views of the process, from both a personnel and intimate perspective, from now until its conclusion in the year 2009. The initiative also aims to promote the cathedral project (described as ground-breaking and unique by top European specialists) among major Spanish cities through the art of photography.

The result of this first experience is a collection offering an alternative, individual vision of the various aspects of the cathedral, characterised by the timelessness and ethereality with which Caramés imbues all his work. The interest aroused by the photographs prompted numerous cities with a cathedral tradition to extend invitations to the exhibition after it left the Montehermoso Cultural Centre in Vitoria-Gasteiz at the end of 2001.

Five photographers
After leaving the cloister of León Cathedral, the exhibition will travel to Seville, where it will be displayed in the El Mariscal Chapel and Chapterhouse from 28 October to 26 November, after which it will proceed to the University of Santiago de Compostela where it is due to open on 4 December. The Foundation has already received requests from other cities for the coming year.

The Santa María Cathedral Foundation chose the Galician photographer Vari Caramés to launch the In the Cathedral initiative largely due to the artist´s firm commitment to the restoration of the historic building. Right from the earliest days of his association with the cathedral, Caramés has been one of the project´s best and most dedicated ambassadors. The photographer brought to the task his unique talent for looking through the lens of his camera and seeing a magical world full of endless possibilities.

In his photographs of the Old Cathedral, which envelop the viewer in a tender, simple complicity, everyday objects gain new depth and time seems to stand still. The images emerging from the artist´s unique vision are fragments of reality, fleeting encounters. The Foundation plans periodically to invite photographers of international renown to draw their own individual portraits of the cathedral´s architectural and spiritual legacy. The aim is to bring together the work of five prestigious artists to form a travelling exhibition.