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Vote for the Cathedral website in the El Correo Digital awards

12/03/2003 is among the twelve finalists.

12/03/2003 The Santa María Cathedral website has been selected as one of the 12 finalists in the first edition of the El Correo Digital Awards for the best Basque websites. is competing in the category of the best leisure and services website. The criteria borne in mind for the selection of the finalists from among the 1,100 entries included design, ease of movement, functionality, use of multimedia resources and interactivity (among others).

El Correo Digital has selected twelve finalists, three in each of the four established categories: leisure/services (in which is competing), corporate, institutional and personal/associations. The Santa María Cathedral website is competing alongside the website of the Chillida-leku Museum ( and Karlos Arguiñano´s culinary portal (

A judges´panel is responsible for selecting the winners in each of the four categories. Nevertheless, there is also a special ´public´s prize´ which will be awarded to the website that receives the most votes by the users of El Correo Digital. In order to participate, you should register as a user at and then cast your vote for each of the four categories.

Some of the many features and services offered by the Santa María Cathedral Foundation website include: detailed information about the restoration project, a spectacular virtual tour around the different areas of the building, online reservations, constant updates regarding cultural and information activities and the online purchasing of merchandising items.

One of the best things about this website is that its contents are directed both at professionals and specialists in the fields of architecture, archaeology, history and art, and at the public in general. Thanks to its user-friendly design and ease of movement, visitors can quickly gain a very clear idea of the scope and contents of the cathedral restoration project.

For more information, please visit the following website: