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Prizes for Photographic Contest

17/06/2004 Jesús María Gómez from Vitoria has won first prize for a collection in black and white entitled "Four seconds".

17/06/2004 The artist from Vitoria Jesús María Gómez De la Cruz has obtained the first prize in the I Photographic Contest, accompanied by 1,200 euros and a diploma, for a collection of four black and white photographs entitled "Cuatro segundos" (Four seconds).

Josu Izarra García, for four images in sepia with the title "Escher", and Santiago Ramírez Uriarte, for a colour photomontage with the motto "Sillares" (Stone blocks), have been awarded second (900 euros and diploma) and third (600 euros and diploma) prizes respectively.

The prize for the best photograph was given to a work in colour entitled "Hacia la conquista" (Towards the conquest), taken by Jorge Salvador Hidalgo, from Portugalete (Vizcaya). In this case the prize consists of 400 euros and diploma.

Extending the conditions of the contest and given the quality of the photographs the jury has decided to grant three second prizes of 200 euros and diploma to another three individual photographs. The awards went to Isidro Lázaro Mateos, for "Visitas guiadas" (Guided visits) in colour, Ana Valdeolivas, for "Arquitecturas imposiblesI" (Impossible architecture) in black and white, and Matteo Manfredi, for "Hacia la Catedral" (Towards the Catedral) in colour.

A total of 62 works were presented at the first edition of the photographic contest, the majority from Alava, although there were also participants from Vizcaya, Guipúzcoa, Cádiz and Castellón. All participants will receive a diploma of participation.

The Santa Maria Cathedral Foundation, organiser of the contest, will inaugurate an exhibition with prize-winning works (first and second) on 14 July. The exhibition will be held in the Cultural Centre Montehermoso and also on show will be the prize-winning works from the II Open Air Painting Contest.