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The Foundation receives the Olaguíbel Award

18/12/06 The Basque-Navarre College of Architects has granted this award in appreciation for the Foundation’s “hard work and dedication".

Vitoria-Gasteiz, 18 December 2006. The Álava delegation of the Official Association of Architects Vasco Navarro has awarded the Olaguíbel prize to the Santa María Cathedral Foundation. The prize giving took place on 18 December, on the same day the Vitoria architect signed the plans for its great work, the Neoclassical Plaza de España. At the same time and as part of the commemorative acts, the guild of architects visited the Gothic church.

According to the President of the architects´ association, Ángel Luis Bellido, the distinction has been granted to the Santa Maria Cathedral Foundation in recognition of the “work it is doing to restore the church”.

Architect Ramón Ruíz-Cuevas considers the prize is recognition of the institution´s work to popularise architecture and to keep the historical memory of the city alive. “As well as attracting people from outside, putting a Gothic cathedral in the Intensive Care Unit, like a giant, totally intubated patient has been brilliant”, said Ruiz Cuevas.

The award was presented in Vitoria´s Town Hall reception hall. The prize consists of a Solenhofen stone, like those used by Heraclio Fournier, representing the southern elevation of the project in the Olaguíbel plaza de España are expressed. Designer Laurentino Aliende. “In this way we can honour the best Basque architect of all time”, pointed out Ruiz Cuevas.

A prize was given to the winner of a drawing competition during the same event in Olaguíbel´s memory. For the fourth year running, pupils of 14 years and under from all the schools in Álava have created works paying homage to two other very important works by the Vitoria professional: Plaza del Machete and los Arquillos.