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The Cathedral of Santa María presents its cultural management model in Valladolid

Juan Ignacio Lasagabaster, managing director of Fundación Catedral Santa María, will be participating in the 6th International Restoring Memory Congress being held between today and Sunday

Vitoria-Gasteiz, October 31, 2008- Juan Ignacio Lasagabaster, managing director of Fundación Catedral Santa María, will be presenting the management model of the Vitorian church tomorrow in Valladolid as part of the framework of a heritage congress. He will explain the details of work that, while restoring a building architecturally, allows the building’s previous symbolic qualities to be recovered with new, added values.
Lasagabaster has been invited to take part in the sixth edition of the International Restoring Memory, an event in which he will present the example the Cathedral of Santa Maria. In addition to providing details about the ailing church’s entire rehabilitation process, his talk will explain all the steps taken in successfully ensuring that a building forgotten by many citizens would become an active part of city life, as well as a referent for tourists.
In this sense, he will explain the sensitivity demonstrated by the different institutional heads in charge at all times, which allowed the project to advance through the Board and citizen involvement, thanks to the Cathedral’s Circle of Founders.

As part of the 2008 AR&PA Art Restoration Fair, the sixth edition of the International Restoring Memory Congress will be focussing on heritage management issues this year. Therefore, it has selected major management models from Spain and abroad characterized by their different perspectives and points of views, both in terms of public management, difficulties involved in maintenance and conservation and capacity to create true cultural projects with a marked social impact in which the object’s value always prevails over its use. Likewise, it will attempt to explain adjustments in new methodologies to the search for sustainable and ecological approaches, both in managing and restoring cultural materials and elements.
The congress, which will take place between today and Sunday in Valladolid, boasts the participation of prominent international experts in managing and conserving heritage assets, including outstanding speakers such as Manuel Guido, head of UNESCO’s World Heritage List Office, Antonio Jiménez, managing director of Fundación Santa María de Albarracín, Guiseppe Basile, director of the Central Institute for Restoring Rome, María del Mar Villafranca, president of Heritage Alhambra de Granada, and Bernard Pouverel, director of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, among others.

In addition to the Cathedral of Santa Maria, other notable examples of conservation and sustainable management that will be addressed are the historic city of Venice, the Alhambra of Granada, Leon Cathedral, the archaeological project of Huaca de la Luna in Peru, Pont du Gard in France and the Villas of the Veneto in Italy.