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Bóreas Cámara and Juan Carlos Pérez featured in the Santa Cecilia concerts in the Cathedral of Santa María

Bóreas Cámara will be presenting their new album on Friday at 8:00 p.m. and on Saturday at 12:00 noon, while J.C. Pérez will take the stage on Saturday at 8:00 p.m.

         Vitoria-Gasteiz, November 18, 2008 - Fundación Catedral Santa María will be commemorating the feast of Santa Cecilia, patron saint of musicians, with three new concerts in the portico this upcoming weekend. Bóreas Cámara will be presenting its new album, Pack of new Cotillons on Friday at 8:00 p.m., an event that will be repeated on Saturday at noon, whereas Juan Carlos Pérez takes the stage on Saturday evening to review his three latest albums.
After last July’s magnificent response from the public, the Abierto por concierto or Open for Concerts series has planned an intense weekend with three very special performances. The feast of Santa Cecilia has led Fundación Catedral Santa María to programme three events that will undoubtedly attract many people to the portico of the church in Vitoria.
        The Open for Concerts series will kick off on Friday, November 21 at eight o’clock in the evening with a performance by the group Bóreas Cámara, which will be presenting to the public the new album it recorded in the Cathedral itself last summer. Based on a deck of cards, Pack of new Cotillons is a selection of small pieces that were popular in the late eighteenth century.
The work originated in the Fournier Museum’s warehouse where a most unusual deck of playing cards had been stored: each card has the music to a small dance written on them. The deck is one of two surviving copies of Longman and Lukey’s Complete Pack of New Cotillons. From the start, Bóreas Cámara, a group born in the heart of the Vitoria-Gasteiz Municipal Band, were fascinated by the sonorous air exuded by these cards; hence, it was easy to find music for them; musicologist Josean San Miguel helped develop the instrumentation. The album is a compilation of dance music popular in the late eighteenth century and spans a very broad spectrum from Medieval to Classical, including Renaissance and Baroque. Most of these short popular pieces were composed as entertainment.
This recital will be repeated at 12 noon on Saturday, also in the portico.
            And the evening will bring Juan Carlos Pérez, former leader and founder of the mythical band Itoiz. Perez returns to the stage with a group that takes us to Atlantic River. By adding a wind section to his original trio, he will be presenting his repertoire in the Cathedral of Santa María in a more elaborate format than ever, which he admits feeling right at home with. Hiriko istorioak reviews his three albums, using a selection of songs that best suits this new repertoire.
The three concerts will be free of charge, but given the portico’s reduced seating capacity, invitations must be collected at the Visitors Reception Centre at the Cathedral of Santa María (Plaza de las Brullerías) as of tomorrow, Wednesday. A maximum of two invitations per person will be given out.