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The Cathedral, protected by the World Monuments Fund

10/10/06 This Fund has donated 100,000 dollars and is going to contribute to the project’s dissemination activities.

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Children’s workshops for the year 2006-2007

08/10/2006 The programme is aimed at putting students between the ages of 6 and 18 in touch with history, art, architecture…

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The Cathedral, a source of poetry in “El Ámbar Gótico”

07/10/06 This publication represents a “warm, intimate introduction to the beloved city symbol" for author José Ignacio Besga.

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Vitoria reopens part of its old 11th century medieval wall

06/10/06 On 16 October, Vitoria-Gasteiz will present a new cultural attraction: a section of the city´s old medieval (11th century)wall.

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The Toulouse Boy´s Choir concert at the Old Cathedral

11/07/06 The recital will include the sacred music of Mozart, Kodaly, Duruflé and Bruckner.

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The Cathedral displays the “Open Restoration” in Donostia

20/06/06 The exhibition, which will run from 20 to 27 June, features photographs, audiovisual presentations, panel exhibits and publications.

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Business Forum on Cultural Sponsorship

2006/06/12 Santa Maria Cathedral Foundation and Dato Economico magazine have organised on Juni 22nd some conferences about the private sponsorship

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`Encounters with the Cathedral´ scheduled for May

2006/04/09 Pedro J. Ramirez and Andres Ortiz- Oses will offer a conference and the musicologist Judith R. Cohen a concert

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Brazil shows its interest in the Cathedral project

30/04/06 The Santa Maria Cathedral Foundation is to sign collaboration agreements with Brazilian universities and schools.

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´The art of living´ lectures

01/02/06 Prestigious thinkers, writers, philosophers, humanists and scientists, such as Carlos Castilla del Pino, Ángeles Caso, Ana María Matute, Carlos Amigo, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Francesco Alberoni, will discuss several issues pertaining to human life.

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