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The Vatican praised the restoration work

15/12/2002 Pope John Paul II met with the directors of the Foundation to praise the quality of the project.

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The program of guided visits until January 5

19/12/2002 The Santa Maria Cathedral Foundation has decided to extend the program of guided visits until January 5.

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The post office dedicates a stamp to the Cathedral

26/11/2002 The image will be seen by 16 million people thanks to the 1,200,000 stamp sheets which went into circulation on 27 November.

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300 experts gather together for a debate on restoration

19/11/2002 The 2nd Monument Restoration Biennial analyses the recovery of the most important historical buildings in Spain.

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Ana Sandoval and Asier Alvarez, short story prize-winners

06/11/2002 Two stories set during the Spanish War of Independence and the Middle Ages win the competition for Short Stories.

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RNE dedicated its Buenos días programme to the Cathedral

24/10/2002 The restoration of the Santa María Cathedral was the main subject of discussion during the popular Radio 1 morning magazine.

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Follett was `hugely impressed´ by the Old Cathedral

11/10/2002 The British writer was hugely impressed by the Cathedral during his visit to Vitoria,in response to an invitation by the Foundation.

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Photos of the restoration work in Leon, Seville and Santiago

10/10/2002 The exhibition begins its journey around the county´s major cities, displaying the restoration work being carried out on the Cathedral.

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The Ministry of Culture praised the

26/09/2002 The Secretary of State described the Master Plan as ´a model for the recovery and management of Cultural Heritage´.

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55 artists painted the Cathedral during painting competition

05/10/2002 The Cathedral became the inspiration for 55 artists who participated in the first Open-Air Painting Competition.