Explore the cathedral

Cathedral visit

The tour begins with an audiovisual introduction that explains the construction-related problems of the church and the rehabilitation process. It then ascends to the crypt to explore its history from its origins to the present day and the history of the City - its first buildings, the walls and its urban development. In the nave you will see the millennium vault, a spectacular construction in black limestone constructed with the same process used by the old stonemasons. You will visit the transept, the ambulatory and the chapels to ascend to the parapet walk, the narrow corridor that surrounds the church on the outside and recalls its original defensive mission. You will enjoy a different view of the nave from the triforium (the gallery that runs around the interior of the church above the arches). The visit ends in the portico, where the restoration itself is highlighted, and you can appreciate the extraordinary quality of the tympanum of one of the best gothic porticos in Spain.