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Artistic visit 'A Living Treasure'

The appearance of the cathedral today is entirely different from how it looked centuries ago.Its walls spoke, filled as they were with forms and colours, and accompanied by images and altarpieces, ephemeral structures for special celebrations in addition to tapestries and hangings that covered chapels and altars.
Regardless of this fact, there is still an exquisite collection of artworks that we wish to showcase with this visit.
On the one hand, the monumental doorways and sepulchres and, on the other, a breakdown of the main pieces of art furniture: paintings, sculptures, liturgical furnishings and other pieces of art, including metalwork, textiles and other worship-related artefacts. All of these formed part of the artefacts of the Cathedral, serving the liturgical and devotional purposes they were originally intended for.

This visit may be modified or canceled if there is no reservation for at least 4 people 48 hours before its completion.