Virtual Reality experience and City Wall

This experience combines the use of autonomous Virtual Reality devices with the guided tour through the history of the temple and the city wall. Thanks to this VR technology, an immersive environment is created that locates visitors in different moments ranging from the 9th to the 16th centuries and in different sites recreating the first huts in the hamlet of Gasteiz as well as the evolution of the residential building excavated in the Santa María square or the different locations of the city's northern entrance gateway. Virtual reality will also make it possible to climb to the top of the tower's steeple and take in a panoramic view of the city. In addition to this, there's a guided tour of the cathedral's crypts and the city wall which are exceptional locations for understanding the origins of the city and the cathedral.

This visit is not allowed for children under the age of 13 due to the safety warnings on the VR helmet used.

This experience may be modified or canceled if there is no reservation for at least 4 people 48 hours before its completion.