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1st encounter of Conventual Cuisine

2007/07/20 1st encounter of Conventual Cuisine

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Six walking tours along the ‘Camino de la Piedra’ between Ajarte and the Cathedral of Santa María

2007/09/10 Organized by Foundation of Santa Maria Cathedral and Goiena Mountain Club.

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Cultural heritage conference

07/03/07 Next Tuesday, 13 March, the Cathedral Foundation is to hold a conference entitled “Culture as the driving force of the historic city”.

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Upcoming lectures in the ‘Encounters with the Cathedral’

16/02/07 The writers Ildefonso Falcones, José Luis Olaizola and Ramiro Pinilla are gathering in the Cathedral at the end of February.

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Free visits extended until March 31st

30/01/07 15,000 visits have been booked for January and February and forecasts predict a total of 25,000 for the first quarter of the year.

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The Cathedral celebrates 500,000 visitors with attractions

26/12/06 Visits include new attractions and will continue to be free until March 31st in gratitude for having received half a million visitors.

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‘La vida filmada’, unpublished images of family cinema

21/12/06 The Vitoria City Council and the Foundation are working together on the recovery of a fund of exceptional value.

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The Foundation receives the Olaguíbel Award

18/12/06 The Basque-Navarre College of Architects has granted this award in appreciation for the Foundation’s “hard work and dedication".

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Replacement of the rib of one of the porch vaults

23/11/06 The damage was caused by water leaking from the roofs for many centuries.

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Photographer Schommer captures the restoration works

6/10/06 The Vitoria City Council and the Santa María Foundation, with the sponsorship of EULEN, have published a book with 60 photographs.

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