Restoration of the cultural heritage

Underpinning of pillars. (2003-2004)

However, during the execution of this work damage was caused to the footings of two of the pillars, occurring after the archaeological excavation, since they affected the temporary preconsolidations using pointing that had been done during that excavation. These fissures provided evidence of the old foundation’s almost total loss of resistant capacity, with the corresponding risk of collapse due to overcompression failure, which could not be prevented with the casing work carried out. For this reason, the Cathedral was shored above the affected pillars, constructing two metal columns twelve metres high that supported the springer of the support arches of the side naves and the diaphragms between these and the central one. These columns were able to support the full weight of the part of the affected Cathedral on their own, preventing any possible ruin.  After the repair of all the foundations and its support with transverse arches, these were also dismantled.