Restoration of the cultural heritage

Restoration of the Cathedral chapter buildings. (2009-2010)

To adapt the existing spaces both for the new use of the Santa María Cathedral Foundation and to comply with current regulations in different aspects—accessibility, facilities, etc.—renovation has been carried out on the Cathedral chapter buildings and those adjoining the Sacristy.

The following work has been carried out: repair of the roof structure of the Sacristy and replacement of its tiles and boards, with new systems for the collection and evacuation of rainwater and sealing the holes of the parapet walk to prevent the entry of water to the inside of the Cathedral and the Sacristy itself; replacement of the chapter house’s roof structure, in very poor condition, with a new structure of oak wood, board and mixed tile, gaining a space under the roof useful for archiving documents; replacement of the board and tiling of the roof of the chapter rooms—canons’ dressing room—, maintaining and restoring its wooden structure; dismantling of the wooden staircase to gain three spaces usable as offices on the different levels; construction of a new staircase and a lift in the courtyard located between the chapter building and the Reconciliatorio Chapel—an old sacristy of the chapel of Santiago and one of the Cathedral’s treasures; restoration of this chapel, cleaning of the stone—white cement grout—elimination of salts and pointing with lime mortar.