Restoration of the cultural heritage

Restoration of the portico. (2001-2007)

The restoration of the interior space of the portico between 2001 and 2007 has enabled us to recover the beauty of its polychrome coverings in part and, in any case, to learn about its history, full of repaints, overlays, recarvings, etc. with great precision. Restoration was also carried out on the external stonework, with the consolidation of its pillars and walls by means of injecting natural hydraulic lime grout and the cleaning, pointing and other restoration tasks of its materials.

In addition, three openings that give onto Fray Zacarías Martínez street have been reopened having previously been covered with masonry walls from the 19th century restoration work of this street that modified its level leaving the portico inaccessible from that side. The project proposes that after this reopening, the street’s historical level corresponding to the moment of the construction of the portico be partially recovered and that there once again be access from it. Meanwhile, and to avoid problems of excess of cold and air currents that these openings would cause, they have been closed with a series of glass screens that allow viewing of the Cathedral's façades from the street with some magnificent lighting.