Restoration of the cultural heritage

Accesses in the interior of the tower(2010).

Also to complete the route necessary for the cultural tour of the Cathedral, the accesses in the interior of the tower over the portico have been improved, by means of a new wooden staircase that connects the portico’s exhibition hall with the first floor of the tower, where an old staircase already exists, restored during the comprehensive restoration work of the tower. A usable lift has been installed in parallel to these staircases so that people with reduced mobility can go up to the bell tower.

The staircase is in the form of a triple helix of solid wood, suspended by the stainless steel railing of a set of laminated wood supports that, in addition, support the new skylight that will illuminate the exhibition hall, and provide an underpinning function and improve the resistant capacity of the two intermediate floors of the tower, where the introduction of new service loads as a result of visitors makes it necessary to reduce the weight borne by the beams so they can be left as they are.