Restoration of the cultural heritage

Master Plan for Comprehensive Restoration

The Master Plan proposes an intervention method in Architectural Heritage which centres on a comprehensive conception of the monument as a complex system of constructive relations of a spatial and temporal character which has been brought to us from history and architecture, and which we must understand before we undertake any intervention.

The application of the method confines itself to three fundamental lines of research and action:

  • an exhaustive knowledge of the historic development of the construction of the Cathedral;
  • detailed research of all of the relevant constructive aspects of its conservation, with special interest on those regarding structural analysis, given the severely damaged state of some parts of the construction;
  • and an interest in the recovery of a building with serious deficiencies of use and significant cultural potential for social enjoyment.

In accordance with the proposition of these general outlines, the interdisciplinary studies carried out use the best analysis and interpretation tools to recover the interior information of the Cathedral.  The recuperation of the building for social use has been the main objective, following an open restoration criteria. 

The Master Plan was presented in May 1998 and published in 2001. In 2002 it received the Europa Nostra award for the application of an comprehensive intervention method in architectural heritage.
Master Plan