Restoration of the cultural heritage

Consolidation of unstable areas of the chevet (2009-2010)

The final structural stabilization works of the Cathedral involved a series of works of different types that would immediately allow the removal of the provisional supports provided during the previous works.

These works consisted of: reinforcement of the foundation of the pillars of the presbytery and the transept using a perimeter masonry casing topped by a limestone reinforcement between 50 and 60 cm thick, able to receive the supports of the pillars that will hold the future arches, reinforcements and vault of the transept; repair of the buttress of the Santa Ana façade, replacing the previous repair (from the 1960s) with a new external layer of limestone ashlar 30 cm thick, repairing its foundations and its bonding with the existing stonework; relocation of the arches and vaults of the south arm of the transept, to achieve a new curvature of the arches that gives them a greater resistant capacity; provisional cable-stayed perimeter of the north arm of the transept, at the level of the triforium, by means of two taut cables anchored in the pillars of the transept.