Restoration of the cultural heritage

Portico roof (2016-2017)

A new roof has been built over the portico of the Cathedral, connected constructively and functionally with that of the north nave, to enable access along the whole of the historical parapet walk that runs along the northern wall of the cathedral and to connect it with a new exhibition hall above the portico which also provides access to the tower.

The work has taken advantage of the historical structural elements by relocating them in a new position that allows the use of the room above the vaults of the portico, formed by a new wooden floor that rests on the support arches of these vaults. New elements of sawn or laminated-glued oak as supports and as tie beams of the original structure have been added, and it has been completed with a new system of rafters, double board with insulation and ceramic tile roof with copper gutter systems.

Inside, the new space has a ramp walkway that connects it to the lift located in the north patio, to finally establish a complete accessible route from the street to the bell tower. The space where this ramp is located is the continuation of the north parapet walk, and both are closed to the outside with a large window over bronze metal carpentry that allows a scenic journey recalling the original wall-walk that skirted the city during the Middle Ages.